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This delightful Pittsburgh patient had a facelift, upper lid blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), and tear trough injections with Restylane L. Her main goals were to achieve a refreshed and completely natural look. She wanted to avoid any hint of looking over-stretched or over-pulled, making her a great fit to the philosophy of my practice. These pictures show the results 14 months after the surgery.


Her frontal view nicely shows the improvements in her eyelids from her upper lid blepharoplasty, her tear troughs after the microcannula Restylane L injections, and her facial structure from her faceneck lift. Please note the big improvement in the sagging skin of her neck as well as her jowls and cheek position.

Left Oblique:

This angle gives a particularly good view of the improvements in her neck, jowls, tear trough deformity, and her upper eyelids. Please note that the before picture in this view shows the patient before her facelift and tear trough, but after her upper lid blepharoplasty.

Right Oblique:

Another fantastic view of the patients improved neck, jowls, cheeks, upper eyelids, and tear trough deformity. In addition to looking at each of these areas of improvement individually, it’s also useful to look at the overall look – the key being that she looks totally naturally, refreshed, and elegant. Even when interacting with close friends and relatives nobody can sense that she has had surgery – she just looks great!

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